Compilation cds

We are thrilled that our three full length compilation cds have been reviewed in The Sunday Times, and The F […]

Kelly Oliver

“I rarely hear a folk artist being championed outside the specialist press, those you do are usually well established within […]

Folkstock Records

“Folkstock is a label to hang your hat on. Helmed by Helen Meissner, they approach everything with a DIY ethos […]

Awards and Special Projects

We get involved with all sorts of projects in addition to releases and events. This page references two special showcase […]

Marina Florance

“Unfussy, simple and heartfelt, it’s one of those albums that curls up in your lap when you need a little […]


  If you would like keep informed about our events and releases, please add your email address here     […]

Daria Kulesh

Daria Kulesh performed for us on the Main stage at our Folkstock Festival in September 2013 with her band KARA. […]

Zoe Wren

Zoe WREN performed for us at our Festival in 2013, she was by the far the youngest act on our […]

Dave Swarbrick tour and Passing the Baton

  Lovely interview from Emma Hartley with Dave Swarbrick , can be read here in full :   24th […]