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The most energetic Helen Meissner on Radio Dacorum’s Sarah on Sunday show (13/7/2014) by Sarah Lowther on Mixcloud

“Kind. Clever. Courageous, community spirited and extremely courteous. Helen Meissner is a gem. Well versed in turning adversity into something spectacularly magical she is the epitome of the glass that is always full. A family party celebrating her recovery from breast cancer in 2010 gently led her down the path not of her own rehabilitation, but that of nurturing musical talent and organising brave festival ventures. Brave because Folkstock in 2013 came at great cost to herself – but was advantageous to the scores of unknowns and semi-established that have gone on to great things. Great things such as fronting, serenading and supporting the established such as ‘Fairport Conventon’s’ Dave Swarbrick and beautiful events such as first time performances in front of a home crowd. There is a sweet homeliness about Helen and it is no wonder she is the matriarch of the something beautiful that is a burgeoning folk revolution in the region”. Sarah, @helenmeissner1

“Folkstock is a label to hang your hat on. Helmed by Helen Meissner, they approach everything with a DIY ethos that is admirable and, also, successful. More importantly, Helen has a great ear for music and an obvious passion which comes out in everything they do. This is as much a showcase for them as it is for the acts featured. A well conceived, beautifully produced and vitally important record that couldn’t be coming out at a better time”. Spiral Earth reviewing The F Spot Femmes Fatales, which was released on 8th March. Harry Harris, Spiral Earth.

“It is reported that only 13 per cent of songs registered with the Performing Right Society are by women songwriters. Which makes The F Spot both a statement of intent and a welcome piece of music. There are 10 songs by 10 different ‘femmes fatales’ and they are of a consistently high standard, whether from a trailblazer such as Peggy Seeger (You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are) or a young London student called Kaity Rae (It Is)….there is much to enjoy in a variety of styles and approachesThe album is from progressive British label Folkstock”.
Martin Chilton, The Telegraph. 04/04/15
“It may be a small operation, but British label Folkstock has become shop window for an impressive roster of youthful singer songwriters who roam far beyond the borders of the traditional repertoire
Clive Davis, The Sunday Times 15/03/15
“Not a hint of treacle on this atmospheric, no frills compilation from a label that is nurturing some our most promising folk talent. There isn’t a weak link to be found
Clive Davis, The Sunday Times 14/12/14
“It has been a distinct pleasure to see the work Folkstock are doing, I particularly like the blurring of musical genres that they encourage and the anchoring of these relatively new stars to their particular visions and voices for people to judge them almost stripped bare”. Peter Taranaski, She Dances in the Mind blog 30/09/15SUMMARY
Started in November 2013, Folkstock Records was initially a vehicle to release Kelly Oliver’s music. However, since then we’ve had over 30 releases including full albums, EP’s and singles, including a 12″ for Kelly’s latest album. Persistence and networking has generated over 20 plays on national radio BBC Radio 2, 3 and 6 Music and reviews in broadsheets (The Sunday Times and The Telegraph) and respected magazines including two tracks featured in Music Week’s playlist, features and reviews in Evening Standard, Songlines, R2, FRoots, Folk Radio UK, Penny Black and Maverick to name a few. Live performances includes 5 filmed visits to Bob Harris’s Under the Apple Tree sessions and multiple invitations to London Live TV, Mustard TV, Hitchin TV, Ont Sofa and Balcony TV.
The Hertfordshire label specialises in acoustic, folk and roots music and was set up and is run by Helen Meissner with most of the production carried out by her daughter Lauren Deakin Davies. A&R, Promotion, Tour creation/management, PR and plugging, web and social media management conducted in house by Helen Meissner. There is no one else….
We are proud to have worked on releases and projects incorporating our wonderful, sadly departed Patron Dave Swarbrick (Passing the Baton EP and a 17 date national tour in 2014) and Peggy Seeger (Armistice Pals and The F Spot Femmes Fatales).Tom Robinson has some kind things to say about Folkstock Records, live on BBC 6 Music March 2015. You can listen here, or read the transcript below:
Transcript : “as promised, the latest release from Folkstock Records features nine exclusive songs by female songwriters associated with the label plus the tune we are about to hear….it begins with this belter from Peggy Seeger …it’s there to bang the drum a bit, because women are massively under represented in the music industry.. it’s quite hard.. there is a big glass ceiling so Helen Meissner from Folkstock, bless her, is doing something about it and she suggested that we should celebrate International Women’s Day when her record comes out and I think that’s a great idea, so that’s is exactly what we are going to do. So you, dear listener, get to choose the tracks we play on our all female Now Playing at 6 on 8th march…. label. “ Peggy Seeger’s You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are is the opening track on a new compilation from the boutique label Folkstock Records..label boss Helen Meissner says she wants to champion female songwriters with this release and bang the drum a bit especially as we have a female producer Lauren Deakin Davies who has produced all the other tracks on this fine compilation of grass roots female artists. And many thanks to Helen for pointing out to me in good time that todays show falls in International Women’s Day, which is why the whole show celebrates women; women’s achievement, women’s pride and womens’ struggle.” Tom Robinson, BBC6 Music
“Folkstock have pulled off quite a coup with the highly respected Peggy Seeger taking part..But then it’s not entirely a surprise when you consider she was involved in their Armistice Pals album; the label is allying itself to International Women’s Day and of course the tracks are all from femmes..There isn’t a weak track on this album and if there is a better album around to encompass the ideals of IWD then it would be interesting to know what it is…Folkstock steadily toils away through the folk world, breaking boundaries, refusing to pause and importantly, taking the work of lesser-known artists to a widening audience. Much power to Folkstock with their mission and to these Femmes Fatales of Folk – when comes the concert?” Danny Farragher, Folkall

“In a relatively short time Folkstock Records has established itself as the ‘go to’ place for those folk artists that many other labels ignore. And the result of their ‘opportunity creation’ has delivered some outstanding artist to a wider and highly appreciative audience. Without discrimination by position in the genre, longevity or gender, Folkstock has consistently ‘done a fine job’ in bringing folk music to your ears. Their latest release is ‘Downtown’, a compilation of ‘taster tracks’ from artists’ forthcoming albums and ‘special recordings’ made exclusively for this album.” Tim Carroll, Folkwords.To read the review from Folkwords’ Tim Carroll about DOWNTOWN please click here

“A big Hi to Helen at Folkstock who does all kinds of good things to publicise British Folk Music” BBC Radio 2, Paul Sexton on Bob Harris Sunday

Thanks to Brian Player for including a fun ‘bits and pieces’ of some of the artists we’ve worked with and released over the last two years, on his show (5th Feb 2016). From 25mins, but the whole show is great of course


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Here’s a summary of our national radio play to date with the most recent first. All plugging conducted in house

BBC Radio 2 

  1. Zoe Wren – Nothing to See – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday show (Paul Sexton sitting in) – August 28th 2016
  2. Kelly Oliver – RIO – BBC Radio 2 – Clare Balding Good Morning Sunday – August 21st 2016
  3. Kelly Oliver – RIO – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show – August 7th 2016
  4. Kelly Oliver – RIO – BBC Radio 2 – Alex Lester – 10th July 2016
  5. Kelly Oliver – Jericho – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris – 20th March 2016
  6. James Edge and the Mindstep – Where We’re Going To –  BBC Radio 2 –  Alex Lester – 6th March 2016
  7. Emma McGrath – Sit With Me – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show (Paul Sexton sitting in) – November 2015
  8. Kelly Oliver – Miles to Tralee – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show (Paul Sexton sitting in) – November 2015
  9. Kelly Oliver – Miles to Tralee – BBC Radio 2 – The Folk Show – November 2015
  10. Kelly Oliver -Same World – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show – September 2015
  11. Kelly Oliver – Same World – BBC Radio 2 The Folk Show – August 2015
  12. Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater  Burning Low – BBC Radio 2 – The Folk Show – March 2015
  13. Maz O’Connor – The Mississippi Woman – BBC Radio 2 – Good Morning Sunday from (The F Spot album) – March 2015
  14. Armistice Pals – Where Have All The Flowers Gone? – BBC Radio 2 – The Folk Show – November 2014
  15. Armistice Pals –  Where Have All The Flowers Gone? – BBC Radio 2 – Good Morning Sunday with Clare Balding – November 2014
  16. Kelly Oliver – Jericho – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show – May 2015
  17. Kelly Oliver – Jericho – BBC Radio 2 – The Folk Show – April 2015
  18. Kelly Oliver – Diamond Girl – BBC Radio 2 – Bob Harris Sunday Show- November 2014
  19. Kelly Oliver – Diamond Girl –  BBC Radio 2 – The Folk Show  – October 2014

BBC Radio 4

Live performance and interview – Kizzy Crawford – Woman’s Hour 1st September 2016

BBC Radio 3

You Don’t Know How Lucky You Are – Peggy Seeger – BBC Radio 3 – World on 3 Mary Ann Kennedy (from The F Spot) – March 2015

BBC 6 Music

  1. Kelly Oliver – RIO – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins -2nd August 2016
  2. Danielle Lewis – Anywhere is Home – BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson – 4th July 2016
  3. SERA – Waterside – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins – 16th June 2016
  4. SERA – Waterside – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins – 24th May 2016
  5. Sandtimer – Rusting Towers – BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson Mixtape – 16th and 23rd May 2016
  6. Where We’re Going To – James Edge and the Mindstep – BBC 6 Music – Tom Robinson – 14th March 2016
  7. Burning Low – Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins show (twice) – May 2015
  8. Rio – Kelly Oliver – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins – August 2015
  9. Jericho – Kelly Oliver – BBC 6 Music – Chris Hawkins show (twice) – May 2015

Mark Forrest Show – across 40 BBC stations

Rio and Lay Our Heavy Heads – Kelly Oliver – live on Mark’s show 4th August 2016

Miles to Tralee – Kelly Oliver – Mark Forrest Evening Show ( across 40 BBC stations) – November 2015

Rio – Kelly Oliver – Mark Forrest Evening Show across 40 station BBC network – September 2015

Awards and nominations for our releases

Folkwords Album of the Year 2014 from a female artist – This Land Kelly Oliver

Fatea Magazine shortlisted Debut Album of the Year 2015– This Land Kelly Oliver

Fatea Magazine – EP/single of the Year 2015 – Armistice Pals ‘Where Have all the Flowers Gone?’

Talkawhile Forum – Best traditional song recording 2015 – Armistice Pals – ‘Where Have all the Flowers Gone?’

Instrumentali ‘Music Empire of the Year’ Gold Star Award 2015

Artists we have released on our label since October 2013, either as singles, part of compilations or ‘solo’ EP’s and albums.

The artists highlighted have all released albums, singles or EP’s with us. The other artists have kindly recorded with us or supplied a single track for one of our compilation cds. Please click on the name you are interested in to be taken to a page dedicated to their music, reviews, radio and press.
Kelly Oliver,
Kaity Rae,
Kizzy Crawford,
Danielle Lewis,
James Edge and the Mindstep,
Zoe Wren,
Marina Florance,
Daria Kulesh,
Pete Guy,
Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater,
Rosa Rebecka,
Peggy Seeger,
Dave Swarbrick,
Armistice Pals,
Bright Season,
Luke Jackson, Maz O’Connor, Said the Maiden, Roxanne de Bastion, Ben Smith, Fred’s House, Helen Chinn, Fay Brotherhood, Garry Smith, John Farndon, Blue Pig Orchestra.


Here’s a feature about Lauren Deakin Davies our producer, from PRS for Music in M Magazine

Here’s an interview with Lauren Deakin Davies on Nia Visser’s show Raw Vibes

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