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“Must say I’ve been looking forward to playing you this selection of tunes, especially this, I think we might have uncovered something a bit special here, produced by a young lady of 20, that’s Lauren Deakin Davies and sung by a vocalist who’s just 15yrs old and she’s already an award winner. Say hello to Emma McGrath”. 29th November 2015

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Marina was guest on Norwich’s Mustard Live TV show on 21st October 2015 talking about her London Folk and Roots Festival showcase and how she was tempted out of the kitchen and onto a stage :)

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Thanks to Ruth Barnes for a second comprehensive shout out about our all female showcase as part of the London Folk and Roots Festival on 11th November at The Islington. And for having both Minnie Birch and Kelly Oliver in session on her show 24/10/15.amazing minnie session amazing kelly session

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Amazing lovely feature in detail re kelly and minnie

You can hear what Ruth Barnes had to say about Kelly and Minnie on her Amazing Radio show here

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Zoe Wren was live guest on Sue Marchant’s show on Sunday 18th October

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Releases for Autumn/Winter:

Compilation Album ‘DOWNTOWN’ November 12th – pre orders from 1st November

Rosa Rebecka – EP-‘Home’ November 15th

Kelly Oliver – Single – Miles to Tralee November 20th

Sandtimer – EP – ‘Sandtimer’ November 27th

Marina Florance – This, That and the Other album, pre release orders from 1st December


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Super coverage in Welwyn Hatfield Times, thanks to Alan Davies. 26th August 2015

Sandtimer – 16th July, Double A side single. Launch at Winchester’s The Willow Tree 16th July with special guest Kelly Oliver.

Breathe by Pete Guy – released 6th July


JUNE NEWS Delighted to have just had a BBC Radio 2 play for Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater’s Burning Low which we released a few weeks ago, on the Folk Show 3rd June This joins play for the song on BBC Radio 6 Music, three times, from Chris Hawkins and Tom Robinson Kelly Oliver’s new single Jericho also gained BBC Radio 2 play in May on both the Folk Show and Bob Harris’ Sunday Show and has been played on BBC 6 Music three times by Chris Hawkins. Next release on Folkstock Records is from Daria Kulesh – the first track from her debut album Eternal Child. Daria has made a video with Rodeo Whiter for Fata Morgana which is having a private screening on Sunday 14th June in Hemel Hempstead and an exclusive release by FATEA Magazine on Monday 15th June For tickets to June 14 – Daria’s Fata Morgana music video launch, Old Town High Street, Hemel Hempstead, with theatrical ghost walk, video screening and live performance. 8:30pm start, (places limited, booking essential), please call 01442 500 128 Here’s the link to buy the track if you so desire






To read the feature in Folk Radio UK, in association with Bob Harris’ Under the Apple Tree sessions, please click here “As part of our ongoing partnership with Bob Harris’ Under The Apple Tree sessions we select an artist to go and visit Bob & Co to perform a session. For the latest session Tobias Ben Jacob headed on down to the studio to be joined by Lukas Drinkwater. They are both joined by Kelly Oliver who we also recently interviewed. They perform Bob Dylan’s Boots of Spanish Leather (from his 1964 album The Times They Are a-Changin), a perfectly chosen track as the song features the dialogue of two lovers for which Tobias and Kelly do a beautiful job, so much so that we’ve chosen it as our Song of the Day”


Houdini by Pete Guy is available to buy using this link midweek mercury pete 02 comet pete pic comet pete guy Telegraph video post “distinctive and breathtaking vocals…This Land proved to be a vindication of the funding from a Help Musicians UK Emerging Excellence Award” Super feature in The Telegraph about Kelly’s new single. To read the feature in The Telegraph, please click here FATEA preview



To visit Fatea, please click here Forthcoming releases: Pete Guy – Houdini EP out on 1st May – pre order here and sample the EP

Kelly Oliver – Jericho single out on 11th May
Preview here. As featured in Folk Radio UK To listen to this premiere on Folk Radio UK please click here


Minnie Birch – Delicate single out on 25th May Preview coming soon


Kelly Oliver has been working with Nigel Stonier on her first single from her second album and we are excited to announce that Jericho is expected to be released at the end of May and has been premiered by Folk Radio UK. You can hear it by clicking on the link below. FRUK close up


24th March sees a superb release from new signings Tobias ben Jacob and Lukas Drinkwater. This track Burning Low is one of two on a double A side release, which also features Autosong,




“Folkstock’s new compilation of work by female artists shows, it is not only perfectly possible to be female and original, but the sheer variety of what is possible, beautiful and thrilling means that comparisons are unnecessary and unhelpful.” Tamsin Rosewell, Radio Warwickshire


“While the leading lights get extensive column inches elsewhere, it is with great pleasure to present a collection of songwriters pursuing the endeavour of catching the glare of the radar… Under the guidance of the developing Folkstock Records team, each track makes its mark whether original or not and leaves a lasting impression with a desire to check out the artist. As you would expect in a diverse offering, different styles are accommodated to suit whether your desires are for a soothing, edgy, wispy, haunting, classical or impassioned sound. In some tracks the voice surpasses the song and vice a versa in others but whatever the merit, each artist deserves the spotlight they are getting through this release. Apart from showcasing some excellent talent, the entity of FEMME FATALES is the redeeming feature and presenting opportunity in a format that has the potential to engage across the roots spectrum. Try before you buy will whet your appetite but cherry pick only when further pursuing artists after adding the whole of FEMMES FATALES to your collection.” David Hughes, Three Chords and the Truth “Folkstock Records are fast getting a reputation for the quality of their compilation cds. What’s really nice is that they are built around themes..The F Spot runs quality all the way through it’s….thoughtfully produced by young producer, Lauren Deakin Davies” Neil King, Fatea.

To read more detail about the release and the press/ reviews, please click here for the dedicated page about The F Spot Femmes Fatales

  • BBC Radio 2 play on Good Morning Sunday
  • BBC 6 Music play, twice, from Tom Robinson
  • Album of the Week status from The Evening Standard
  • Recommended Playlist in Music Week Magazine
  • Album of the Week for Blues and Roots Radio

Here is a preview video of clips :)


Released on 8th February was a new signing to our label – we are thrilled that Pete Guy is working with us and following up his hugely successful Silent Night rendition which graced The Christmas Present compilation. Weathered the Storm was released on 8th February and is available here and on itunes Thank you to the following radio stations who played the track

  • BBC Three Counties Radio – Mike Naylor
  • Radio Dacorum- Sarah Lowther
  • Croydon Radio – Andrew Chatterton
  • Triangle Radio – Chris Arsott
  • Stafford FM – Gary Hazlehurst
  • Brian Player – CoastalFM, Health Radio UK, Blues and Roots Radio
  • Trent Sound – Roger Williams
  • Market Harborough FM – Owen Anthony Brooks
  • Marlow FM – Paul Andrew Mansell
  • West Norfolk Radio – Folkspot- Jane Knights
  • Dapper Fm – Acoustic Routes show – Dave Chamberlain
  • Cambridge 105 – Mark Hickford
  • Amazing Radio – Baylen Leonard

AWARDS SEASON WAS KIND TO US Thrilled that the Armistice Pals EP WON a Fatea Magazine Single/EP of 2014 Award ! As well as best traditional track thanks to Talkawhile Fairport Folk Forum. TAW award Kelly Oliver’s Debut This Land secured an Album of the Year award from FolkWords and a shortlisting for debut album of the year from FATEA It was also great to see that our producer, Lauren Deakin Davies, was instrumental in three of the shortlisted releases in the FATEA Awards. Lauren congrats To read the full interview in PRS for Music’s M Magazine please click here M Magazine Lauren album cover Folkstock Records are proud to announce the release of Daria Kulesh’s debut album, Eternal Child, which is out on 31st January. Pre orders are being taken now, please use the link below. Excerpts from Tim Carroll’s review in Folkwords. “This is possibly the most raw and unashamedly revealing collection of songs I’ve heard in a long while. That said, it’s not a gushing exercise of self-indulgence, it’s a set of powerful and intensely direct narratives that reach out to touch, and that touch goes deep. The faultless production that releases this album’s soul for all to hear is the work of Ben Walker and Lauren Deakin Davies…. If there’s an album to buy this New Year, this is it…”. To read the whole review from Tim Carroll at Folkwords, please click here

Daria Kulesh has one of the most distinctive and instantly recognisable voices on the folk circuit. Her hauntingly refined and precise singing has an element of the operatic and as you listen she seems to have an ability to evoke images within your psyche which are not yours. Kulesh has the voice of fairy tales, being able to create the enthralment of the faerie realm and equally bring terror as the evil queen whose very words could chill your blood and capture your soul”. Danny Farragher

To read the review from Danny Farragher’s review in Folkall please click here Excepts from the first review for Eternal Child, thanks to Rob Bridge “There’s an aspirational place that many artists strive to reach. A place where the artist truly ‘lets go’ and through the medium of their art exposes their heart and soul to the audience. In all honesty a lot of artists never get to that place……. …But for those brave enough to strive for that place of transparency…that place where despite the risks, you allow the audience a glimpse into the innermost ‘you’…there’s a chance of creating something, well, magical. All this sounds very ‘arty’ (and frankly quite un-redwood like…I’m not generally known for talking about emotional connectivity with music), but in truth it’s what I found myself reflecting on when I listened to Daria Kulesh’s debut album ‘Eternal Child’. The singer-songwriter originally from Russia has already achieved UK folk scene acclaim as vocalist in the band KARA…and based on this album is set to achieve similar acclaim as a solo artist. In Daria’s own words… “This album took a long time coming. I guess autobiographical, even intensely personal, first albums are rather common. What (hopefully) makes this album different is the story itself and the way it’s deeply rooted in childhood as a sanctuary, as a state of mind, as a reference point, as an object of deep longing. From childhood memories to brutal loss of innocence, from chance encounters to life-defining love stories, from the tragic to the routine, from the fragile to the enduring, this is my story….” Well, that certainly resonates. Listening to the album I absolutely had the sense of experiencing someone’s life-story, so much so that at times I felt that I could be listening to a west-end musical. There are recurring themes in here, the relative ‘safety’ of childhood being one of them. There’s drama, emotion, brighter moments, more drama and just a tad of darkness. Bright and breezy background music this certainly isn’t, but as a body of work capable of taking the listener on an emotional journey, I can only summarise it as a resounding success. Daria’s vocal is distinctly wonderful throughout. For me the effectiveness of the collection is underpinned by the quality of its arrangement, recording and production. There’s enough there to help weave the drama that befits the subject matter, but there’s also the right amount of ‘emptiness’ to allow Daria’s beautifully articulate vocal to tell such captivating stories. Full marks to Ben Walker and Lauren Deakin Davies for a tremendous job in producing tracks on the album and kudos to all the musicians who performed on it…Ben Walker, Lauren Deakin-Davies, Luke Jackson, Kate Rouse and Kaity Rae all feature. High points? The theatrical opening track ‘Fata Morgana’ is an excellent scene setter for the album with echoes of Eastern European verse overlayed on a piano and acoustic guitar. Incidentally if you don’t know what ‘Fata Morgana’ means (I didn’t…I had to look it up), it’s ‘an unusual and complex form of superior mirage that is seen in a narrow band right above the horizon’. There’s little in the way of superfical lyric on this album… So if you hadn’t gathered by now, this is a definite ‘recommend’. The album will be launched on 31st January through Folkstock Records…expect plaudits amongst the folk blogging community. If you want to be on the front foot, pick up a copy of the album at the earliest…” To read the review in full from Redwood, please click here Folking dari review Excerpts from the second review for Eternal Child from Dai Jeffries on The opening track, ‘Fata Morgana’, is for Daria’s fairy godmother and the dual meanings of the title, sorceress or mirage, are entwined in the song. It is here, perhaps, that Daria’s eternal child is rooted. Not that her reminiscences are all sweetness and light. The second song, ‘Letting Go’ (“for my first love”), contains a wicked put-down in its second verse. First love stays with you forever even if you don’t want it to. There are three songs at the heart of the album which depart from the clear path of autobiography. In ‘At Midnight’, co-written with Igor Devlikamov, she confesses to being a witch which is probably not literally true although I agree that she casts a spell. Then comes ‘Butterflies’ which effortlessly deconstructs the usual metaphors and puts together an alternative view: “brittle butterflies break their wings on ignorance…too soon”. Even if you don’t know about Epidermolysis bullosa and “butterfly children” the metaphor still works on a different level for the eternal child forced to grow up. ‘The Hairdresser’ sounds like a flight of fancy and I hesitate to ask how much truth hides within its soap-opera story. Daria writes strong melodies to go with her crystal clear voice and I wonder how much the music of her Russian childhood influences them. The result, however, is an album that rewards repeated listening and will be near at hand for quite a while.” To read the review in full from, please click here



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