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Kaity Rae is a singer-songwriter from North London set to take the UK Country scene by storm in 2016 following a two week song writing trip to Nashville in April and winning a place in a song writing workshop courtesy of PRS at The Americana Music Association UK awards early 2016.

‘Spark’ was Kaity’s debut EP, and was released on the 5th of November 2014. This has led to radio play on Amazing Radio, BBC Gloucestershire and more recently a live session and interview on BBC Introducing Three Counties. The EP has also gained attention from top UK Country acts, including The Shires’ Ben Earle who took to twitter to say that he ‘Loves’ the fourth and final track ‘It Is’.

She has also had three songs featured on ‘Folkstock Records’ Compilation albums – ‘It Is’ on ‘The F Spot: Femme Fatales’ which gained a 4* review from The Telegraph, a place in their top folk albums of 2015 plus a coveted review in The Sunday Times and her song ‘Red Paper Wrapping’ was recorded for, and released on ‘The Christmas Present which also made the Culture Magazine for The Sunday Times. Due to her involvement with these compilations, Kaity has received mentions in various newspapers including The Evening Standard, and was playlisted in Music Week Magazine.

Kaity gigs all over southern England and has supported the likes of Sasha Mcveigh and Sonia Leigh on their ‘Mind the Gap Tour’, US singer/songwriters Jeffrey Foucault, Angel Snow and Dayna Kurtz. She has also played in top London venues such as the 02 Islington, The Bedford and The Roundhouse for Roundhouse Rising.

Since the release of ‘Spark’, Kaity has been developing her sound whilst studying a song writing degree at The Institute of Contemporary Music Performance, and is now releasing her second EP, This Time Around on June 10th. The opening track, Before I Knew is out as a single on 20th May. Produced by John Denzil Dines, recorded at Cream Room Sound Productions studio and released on Folkstock Records.

Kaity Rae performed at Folkstock festival in 2013 and has been working closely with us ever since. We were delighted to record and release her debut EP Spark and she has been on our three compilations, DOWNTOWN, The F Spot Femmes Fatales and The Christmas Present and is mentioned in these Sunday Times reviews





Exciting news about Kaity Rae’s debut Spark, which has been gaining traction since October 2015, a whole year after it’s release!

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Superb support from The Shires’ Ben Earle!

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Kaity went on BBC Introducing and talked about the Emerging Showcase for London Folk and Roots Festival and performed live

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Here is her EP Spark and reviews, which was released in November 2014.

“I will make no apology for starting off another review with the words, “I can’t believe just how much talent singer-songwriters in the acoustic spectrum display at such a young age.” The reason I won’t apologise it’s because it’s a truism and a truism that applies to Kaity Rae, who has just release her debut EP, “Spark” on Folkstock.

Just seventeen, multi instrumentalist Kaity Rae, has already won awards for her songwriting and been selected to be on the Roundhouse Emerging Artist program and just started a songwriting degree to home her already considerable talent.

Regardless of where she goes with her lead instrument, she’s just as happy with the piano as she is with the six string, you always feel that Rae has always had the vision on where she wants to go and expertly selects the transport to get it there.

There is, at times, an almost naive sense to her writing, but that comes out of experience, or a lack of them, which allows a certain amount of rose tainting in the glasses department, but also gives a beautiful honesty, because that’s what the artist has seen and that’s how they’ve been inspired and it feels good to get away from some of the more cynical songs that we have become used to hearing coming of out that acoustic pop world.

It gives her songs that something slightly different and you can see how her material can sit comfortably alongside more cynical pieces and create a real, light and shade. I know I say this a lot, but Kaity is an artist to look out for. She knows how to put a song together and has found a sound in a very crowded space. Some of her support slots, with the likes of Merry Hell, show that she’s beginning to notice, “Spark” can surely only add to that recognition.Neil King

“I really should have hooked this review up what feels like an eternity ago but things happen, plans change, real life gets in the way and before you know it a review has got completely lost in the shuffle. So before I go any further apologies for the unbelievable lateness on this one, but I’ve got there in the end.

I would say that you will remember back when I first reviewed Miss Rae but frankly it was that long ago you’ve probably had 3 kids and been divorced twice since then so I’ll just leave this handy little link here. (Kaity Rae ‘Spark’ single review)

The long and short of it is that I reviewed the lead single from this project and was very very impressed. There’s so many brilliant female singer/songwriters (Sorry for using that crappy term) around at the minute and Kaity Rae is definitely up there with the best of them.

Spark is Kaity’s debut EP and was officially released in November last year, and I’m reliably informed that she is getting to work on some new material this summer so hopefully I should have something for you later on in the year.

The EP opens with title track and lead single Spark. This is the track that first got me interested in Kaity’s music and its appeal hasn’t lessened in the lightest. She proves it even more later on in proceedings but Rae knows how to write a quality pop ballad. The vocal glides over an acoustic guitar led backdrop without being overly dominant, a trap which many fall into in my experience. I said when I reviewed this track the first time around that if it was recorded by a ‘name’ then it would chart in the top 5 easily and I stand by that, it’s a beautiful track.

Across The Sea is more of the same rich, slow ballady goodness. (Yes, I know that ‘ballady’ isn’t a word, just go with me on this one) I mentioned earlier that there is a smoothness about her vocal and that is still stunningly true here, the track is musical silk. The whole thing like the EP as a whole just flows really well. The pace picks up for Final Bow in the form of a shuffling, upbeat rhythm. The slight switch in style shows that Rae isn’t a one trick pony and is capable of mixing things up when given the chance. The addition of an electric guitar is also a good touch. This is another tune that I think would work brilliantly as a single, I’d like to see Rae explore this side of her repertoire more in the future because as good as her ballads are you do need that balance.

A gentle piano riff and melody lays the base for closing track It Is in calm and measured style, and by this point I would expect nothing less. The piano gives the song a different feel from the others and in the process layers on some extra emotion as if anymore was needed. Kaity Rae was only 17 when this EP was released; a fact which still blows my mind. The maturity in the song writing, in her voice and in the overall composition of the song belies those tender years.

Spark marks Kaity Rae’s first step on the ladder in terms of her music career but it’s a ladder which I think she is going to climb at a serious rate of knots. I just think that she’s got so much potential, she’s got a bit of everything in her locker. I think it’s vital that she keeps showing versatility in her music as no matter how good her ballads are if that’s all that you bring to the table then people will get bored very quickly. Other than that there really isn’t much else to say, Spark is a quite sensational debut, it’s as simple as that.”

EP Review: Kaity Rae – Spark

My second pre-release review of the week. This is a debut EP from 17 year old singer-songwriter Kaity Rae from North London, released through the rapidly expanding Folkstock Records label (home to Kelly Oliver amongst others). In a sentence…some shockingly talented songwriting applied to an acoustic folk-pop soundscape that provides the perfect platform for a fresh and notably distinctive voice. For a debut EP this is impressive stuff.

‘Across the Sea’ is a simple but quite lovely acoustic driven track that builds to a nice conclusion, whilst the ballad ‘It Is’ rings out over arpeggiated piano. ‘Final Bow’ is a bit different…a swing influenced (almost rockabilly in places) tune that nonetheless sits nicely in the EP and shows off a nice depth to Kaity’s vocal

But the star of the show is defintely the title-track ‘Spark’ which is an anthemic little pop masterpiece….seriously catchy and really nicely performed and produced.

Definitely a name to keep on your radar and an EP to get your hands on when it’s released on Bonfire night this year…(See the ‘Spark’ connection? Bonfire night? Pretty cool eh?)

Review: Kaity Rae ‘Spark’ EP

You can hear her tracks on the compilations below.


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