We are not releasing DIDI, but as she is also our producer, Lauren Deakin Davies, we are helping promote her self releases and are thrilled for her with the reaction. Here’s some of the highlights so far when she won Producer of the Year at the NMG Awards, two years in a row, Breakthrough Artist as DIDI at the NMG’s in 2018, a nomination for Breakthrough Studio Engineer in the Pro Sound News awards in November 2018 (which she has won!) and the five singles which she released since March 2017, four of which gained BBC 6 Music plays.

DIDI has just released her debut EP Green on November 1st 2018

We are really grateful for all the reviews which have been shared for the Ep and the support from radio shows.

It’s available here to stream/download in physical and digital formats

Or you could stream it here on soundcloud

Thanks to Tom Robinson for playing Fickle Friends twice in the same weekend, thanks to his BBC 6 Music shows!
(17 & 19th Nov 2018) and to Chris Hawkins for giving the track it’s premiere in September on his BBC 6 Music show, bringing her personal plays for DIDI to 10 since she launched in March 2017.

Tom Robinson two plays for Fickle Friends Nov 2018

And DIDI was delighted that GO! made it into the Fresh Faves when the EP was released
FOTN for GO!

We’ve had some lovely reviews in for the EP which have ranged geographically from the United States to Australia and have covered the music but also DIDI’s producer activities, her live performances, the network of female pioneers in which she finds herself and an interview. There’s also a feature about how important music is to mental health for DIDI here here ahead of a gig in Bishops Stortford on Sunday for RetuneUK

You can read the review for the EP from FATEA Magazine here

You can read this detailed feature from Sam Liddicott in Musicmusicingsandsuch here

You can read this review of Green thanks to Angry Baby here

‘DIDI is a singer/songwriter that takes in every lyric,every beat and just feel how much love has been put in to each song. It takes a lot for this and DIDI definitely has that professionalism.
Get ready to hear so much more from here because she will be one on your screens for sure.’
You can read this review of Green posted by Music of the Future here

You can read this interview with DIDI, thanks to Tracey Arbon at Music Talks xyz in Australia

You can the review from Stateside based Indie Music Women here

We are eternally grateful for support from BBC 6 Music. DIDI#s fourth single released in February 2018, Fast and Furious, gained three plays on 6 Music from Tom Robinson and Chris Hawkins and fifth single Fickle Friends has just had it’s premiere on Chris’s show 29th September 2018 ahead of release on Monday 1st October! 

Comet DIDI NMG 6 Music Comet

DIDI 6 Music version3

This brings her BBC 6 Music tally to eight plays in eighteen months!

DIDI 6 music 3 plays Fast and Furious

Lauren won Producer of the Year at the NMG Awards in September 2017

2017 NMG Best Producer Award Lauren Deakin Davies

lauren and kate at 6 music lauren and marika Lauren at red Bull Studios Lauren Kate and Tom Robinson 6 music Lauren Deakin Davies NMG award winner Best Producer

Lauren Deakin Davies Producer of the Year NMG Awards

BBC 6 Music Back off play 16th Sept

DIDI DIVA for Back Off video

You can watch the brand new lyric video for Back Off via the DIVA Magazine website here


PSNE feature 01 Music Musings and such feat LDD Lauren PSNEurope panel Lauren psne 02 Lauren and PRS meeting DIDI Welhat trailer China Crisis NMG DIDI The Comet 05.10.17 DIDI GEHE gig review Bristol gig

DIDI We plug good music

You can read this lovely feature from Mia Wolo in We Plug Good Music here

DIDI in Welhat re back off DIDI MI Pro interview

You can read the really interesting interview with MI Pro here

Radio Wigwam nomination

NMG award nom

‘The first radio play anywhere from a fresh young talent, some exciting new punk pop. This is DIDI with Awkward, a young producer, she’s only 21, youngest member of Music Producers Guild and now she’s stepping out from behind the desk. Feisty new punk there, from a very gifted young producer and performer, she’s a very bright girl’ Chris Hawkins, BBC 6 Music 29th April 2017

‘fiercely provocative art-pop… energetic with a neo-punk edge’ The Revue
‘a powerful debut, a big fat YES from us’ Gigslutz
‘kick ass’ Eargasm blog

‘DIDI stands out from the regular pop crowd as a fierce and fearless artist, following her epic debut single, Sorry, comes the brilliant new track Awkward. Enjoy a new anthem for the LGBTQ community’ DIVA Magazine

‘Awkward’ is filled with imaginative musicality (including the twinkling of cold cups of tea) and raw, honest lyrics inspired by the restriction often felt by minorities in society, in a campaign to #endtheawkward.’ Gigslutz

‘DIDI’s got a very unique thing going on that I really dig, sounds really cool, great voice’. Matthew from Wheatus

‘part art-pop, part ’90s alternative, but the sum is exhilarating’ Angry Baby

‘Her vocals are pure and crisp, not unlike Alanis Morissette, and the mix is – one would be surprised if otherwise – beautifully done’ Essentially Pop

‘Musically exciting but with something to say, DIDI has delivered 21st Century punk with purpose’. Fresh on the Net

‘Addictive enough for pop fans, but with enough rawness to influence indie-rock listeners. Built round an edgy, rapid whirlpool of guitar riffs, and driven by pristine vocals that are delivered with plenty of bullish attitude, this is a confident debut release from DIDI’ Alternative Tracks

3rd single from DIDI coming out 28th August

You can hear Back Off here – it gained joint top votes in the Fresh on the Net Listening Post on 1st August.

DIDI was invited to be a guest on Edward Adoo’s BBC Three Counties Radio show on release day – 28th August.

You can listen to her part of the show here :

DIDI 3CR Ed Adoo

‘jagged edges, pointed social commentary and prickly punk attitude…the Hertfordshire-based musician, singer, and producer continues along a line of barbed artful punk-pop that can be traced back to Arctic Monkeys, Lily Allen and beyond. It is no-frills, no-nonsense and bristles with clattering drums, guitars and a boundless energy that just drives the song along to its final destination’
Godisinthetv Back Off

You read Track of the Day review from GodisintheTV here

An important facet of DIDI’s life is that of being a producer – she produced her first two singles Sorry and Awkward.
There’s some lovely recognition of her as an emerging producer in this feature by Sam Liddicott and MusicMusingsandsuch
Music Musings and such feat LDD

You can read the super article about female music producers here in Sam Liddicott’s MusicMusingsandsuch

DIDI was live guest on Gigslutz radio show, Get in Her Ears on Hoxton Radio on 24th August

You can hear her part of the show from 1hr 1min 48 seconds

DIBg_qAXcAIfGMM DIDI in Welhat re back off

Very nice ‘Track of the Day’ feature from XS Noize
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XSNOize Back Off

review Music Match DIDI Back OFf

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Review - Essentially pop Back off 10 aug

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FOTN post

Welhat 02 6 Music play

DIDI gets into the top 20 finalists for Girls I Rate #getheard event in London 6th May

Girls I rate lauren and lily allen

Here she is getting feedback from Lily Allen for Awkward, who loved the message and the lyrics

Girls I rate 20 finalists

The same evening, DIDI as Lauren (with her producer hat on) joined Kate Dimbleby at BBC 6 Music


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Here’s a short version of DIDI’s first gig

Here’s a longer cut of DIDI’s first gig which was on 6th April 2017

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