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Thrilled to be releasing One More Day from Marina Florance (16th March 2019)

Marina Florance has been impressing audiences for the last decade with her sensitive songwriting and gorgeous delivery. Coming to public performance later in life, Marina was tempted ‘out of the kitchen’ by an Arts Council grant which paid for the recording and release of her debut album, when she was in her early 50’s. One of her songs won a competition judged by key Radio 2 presenters for ‘The Oldie’ magazine, and Anthony Head performed it live on BBC TV! Based in Norfolk and characteristically modest, Marina touches everyone who hears her. This, That & The Other was a superb album which she produced herself (more detail can be found in SAGA Magazine’s online portal) and which we released for Marina in 2016. Since then we’ve had the pleasure of sharing a number of her delicious singles and this is the latest from our independent label. We hope you love this tender and emotionally charged song as much as we do. The first performance of this track will be at Mike Silver’s album launch at the Slaughtered Lamb on 26th March in London.

‘Writing this song with Jules was emotionally charged right from the start, tentatively singing some of the words for the first time to an improvised impromptu tune for part of the chorus gave us both goose bumps, and a moment shared where we both smiled and wished we had turned the voice recorder on to have captured it.
While it came relatively quickly, the perfecting of this simple, heartfelt song took much longer as we worked together to get exactly the sound imagined in its conception.
The message is to live for today, say what you feel, don’t leave anything until it is too late.’

Delighted that prestigious Louder Than War site has premiered the video and soundcloud link for this brand new track today.

Click here to have a listen!

The latest song from Norfolk’s wonderful warm ‘chocolate voice’ is an ode to Every Woman and is being released on July 4th. Every Woman was penned by Marina Florance and Richard Pierce, and features Marina’s distinctive sumptuous, calming storytelling with a welcome return of the much admired voice of Cathryn Craig. Accompanied by subtle fiddle and judicious use of bass guitar from Mark Jolley, Marina has also added the guitar and produced this soothing track herself. Independence Day seemed an appropriate date to release this track, with its hint of Americana, celebrating inspirational women.

Here are the thoughts about the track from the two writers.
Marina Florance :
This song came from a number of places, the first being a feeling of total freedom, freedom from reliance, liberty from fear; a feeling that anything is achievable when all your negative thoughts are overcome by the knowledge that you are just you, that nothing can change you, and that being you is the best thing in the world. This led to a wonder at what women can achieve in the most difficult of circumstances, what they’ll stand and fight for, how they’ll protect their family with their own life if necessary, and, when there isn’t anyone left to protect what they are capable of achieving for themselves.

These thoughts made us think about photos of people’s friends, family etc, because, on social media sites, people often post old photos of loved ones, of days gone by, and those are photos usually more at home on the sideboard in our living rooms. However, with the advent of social media we find that facebook remembers our memories for us, and they appear when we least expect them. This made me realise that the photos we post today are our future history.

Regarding the video of Every Woman:
We decided to celebrate these photos by asking people to share photographs of themselves of the inspirational women in their lives and have been overwhelmed by the response. People chose women from animal rights activists to motivating artists, from women in space to women in water, from rousing human rights activists to mums, wives or daughters, all as inspirational and strong as each other. The public figures in the video are: in no particular order: Virginia McKenna, Ellie Simmonds, Debbie Harry, Tara Brach, Diana Spencer, Rosa Parks, Joan Baez, Joni Mitchell, Sally Ride, Louise Bourgeois, Rosa Luxemburg, Carole King, Marilyn Monroe.

Thoughts from Richard Pierce:
It might seem odd for a male lyricist to be asked to write the words for a song called Every Woman, and I’m quite humbled, to be honest. Marina knows that what’s driven my writing is my wish to portray strong female characters, not caricatures of women like we see in much modern literature and song-writing.

This time the process was very different, because Marina emailed me with this idea of a song about the “universal woman” and asked me if I thought I could put some lyrics together. And while I was scribbling this vision crystallised of linking famous inspirational women with the everyday lives of women who’d never be famous but who inspire us just by living (like my mother, my wife, my daughters) and by challenging what’s accepted. The thing for me is that we do still live in a patriarchal society, and that pains me greatly. Also, Marina’s idea of us being confronted by photos of our past when we don’t want to see them, or when we’re not mentally prepared to do so, was something that fascinated me. These unbidden memories, the photographs where no photos should be, can actually change our lives. And then there was this idea that when things are so bad that nothing matters anymore, we are liberated so that we can and should do what we want. It’s really about finally taking charge of our own lives, about not being afraid of anyone or anything, and that we should actually never be afraid.

There are so many songs and books about men doing exactly that (and in a man’s world) and being called heroes, that it’s about time someone wrote a song about women being heroes in circumstances which are much more difficult for them than for men. And that’s why the song references, amongst others, Rosa Parks, the Statue of Liberty, and the symbol of the French Revolution. They are Every Woman.

Credits; Written By: Marina Florance and Richard Pierce
Lead vocals and guitar Marina Florance
Backing Vocals -Cathryn Craig
Fiddle/Bass-Mark Jolley
Recording/Production – Marina Florance. Mastering by Tonalex
Video production by Marina Florance

Released digitally on 4th July – iTunes, Folkstock, spotify and the usual digital outlets. Video will be shared on YouTube by Louder Than War on 20th June 2017.

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We are delighted to be releasing Marina Florances brand new single Two More People on August 13th
Folk Radio Uk were kind enough to exclusively share the video on their site today, 22nd July

If you would like to buy the physical cd of This That & The Other, please visit Marina’s site by clicking here


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“Unfussy, simple and heartfelt, it’s one of those albums that curls up in your lap when you need a little comfort and leaves you ready to face the day anew.”

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“Marina Florance is just one of the coolest women on the folk circuit at the moment. The Londoner hasn’t done the conventional route into music, starting quite late in life, but it shows in her unconventional sound.
Her style is a cross between Leonard Cohen and Peggy Seeger with a sort of retro 50s feel reminiscent of great singers such as Ketty Lester and Patti Page.
Her music crosses boundaries between folk, country, blues and Americana and on occasion has a definite continental feel to it.
Florance has such a distinct sound which has the ability to make you feel nostalgic without even knowing why or what for.” Danny Farragher Folkall Read the full review in Folkall by clicking here

“When I heard Marina Florance sing my ears did a double take – her low velvet tones absolutely blew me away, and tears sprang to my eyes. I felt immediately emotionally connected to this music, to her voice, and to the natural flow of each song…”

“…Her unhurried delivery & heartfelt message hits you every single time, it doesn’t need to rush, it doesn’t need to scream & shout, it just needs room to breathe so the story can be told. Oh my Jesus does she have a wonderful voice…”

Marina Florance ran one of the stages at Folkstock festival in 2013 and did a damn fine job. She also performed on the main stage, solo and with Ben Smith. She has performed at many of our events ever since and won a top award at the Love Folk Live showcase.

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STOP THE PRESS : Marina is featured in SAGA Magazine 9th January !

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Biog :

Norwich based singer songwriter Marina Florance has been a songwriter for years but only recently entered the fray that is the public performance circuit. The impetus to start performing came from a need to bring her songs to life, but this turned into an opportunity for her to record them professionally, almost by accident. Persuaded to go to an Arts Council meeting by her co writer Julie Fox Allen, Marina didn’t even stay to the end – where the songs were presented to a panel. However Julie was made of sterner stuff and stood it out ! Not surprisingly, the panel were impressed with her songs and, after the application process was completed, awarded her an Arts Council Grant via the Escalator project, in 2007 to fund her first album. Marina then went on to win the Oldie Composer songwriting competition in 2012 which was judged by BBC Radio 2’s Terry Wogan, Ken Bruce and Whispering Bob Harris. This meant her song was sung by Anthony Head on ITV and across many national radio stations.

Since then Marina’s songs have been featured by Soundcloud as Track of the Day on BBC 6 Music thanks to Tom Robinson and his Fresh on the Net team. Being booked for Cambridge Folk Festival and then being additionally placed on Stage 2 was a highlight for Marina in 2014 and now she has recorded and produced this album using her new home studio. Marina doesn’t have a background in the technical side of music, in fact, she regarded herself as a techno phobe, but during 2014 she has overcome her fears and produced a thing of beauty, we feel, here.

Marina was amused to be chosen to play at an Emerging Talent night for London Folk and Roots Festival by Folkstock. ‘Proves you’re never too old to emerge’ she quipped when she was invited onto Mustard TV, BBC Norwich and featured in the EDP, East Anglia’s primary newspaper to discuss her inspiring late entry into the world of music performance.

Carried Away is being released as a single on 23rd January on iTunes, Amazon and the usual digital portals and is the day Marina is doing an ‘in store’ performance at Union Music Store in Lewes.

The album is officially released on January 16th. The physical copy is available from Folkstock Records now.


We are proud to have released Marina’s songs on our compilations, which were recorded by Lauren Deakin Davies our in house producer, and witnessing Lauren at work in her studio inspired Marina to tackle this challenge. She set up her own home studio, and proceeded to write, record and produce this album This That and the Other which we are proud to be releasing for her. It is available now and official digital release is 16th January 2016. It has been getting a lot of radio plays, reviews and positive attention, deservedly so.



Marina’s song Little Black Cloud was on our DOWNTOWN album and gained considerable promotional opportunities as you can see below, as well as positive reviews

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Here she is performing at one of our Christmas Showcases in December 2013

Here she is performing with Ben Smith

Here she is performing on BBC Introducing in Norfolk

You can hear her tracks on the compilations below.

Please keep in touch using the method which suits you best :)