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BBC 6 Chris Hawkins for Roxanne de Bastion

Two plays for Roxanne on Chris Hawkins’ show – first play in August, 2nd play 23rd September, when he referred to her as impressive

We are proud to be sharing and promoting the self released tracks from Roxanne de Bastion’s recently released album Heirlooms and Hearsay. Heart of Stone and The Painter are released as an AA single on 28th July ahead of Roxanne’s Stage 2 debut at Cambridge Folk Festival the following day.
UK tour support for US artist Lambchop is her next adventure with ten dates between 8th and 18th August to enjoy, performing from the south coast up to Glasgow and from Devon to Norwich.

Roxanne tour poster with Lambchop


Gary C tweet

Gary Crowley BBC Intro London


Roxanne The revue

‘Occasionally an artist shows up who is absolutely, definitely, poised for something special. Roxanne De Bastion fills that category perfectly. Oozing potential through the sweeping soundscapes of her music and the totally relatability of her lyrics, De Bastion is already coming to the attention of the great and the good of the music industry. She can be confident that her latest single, “The Painter”, will receive critical acclaim, and we are delighted to premiere it here today.’

Click here to hear The Painter as shared by The Revue

Roxanne Music Musings and such

‘Roxanne de Bastion’s voice is like nothing you will ever hear. Most of the singers I come across, in one way or the other, are similar to others. Those who are unconcerned with that side of things are free to have their own sound and use their voice to truly inspire. That is what one gets from de Bastion. She is a songbird who, according to some high-profile names, is someone you need in your life.HOW could you possibly ignore her?!’

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‘The soon to be released double A single had left me wanting more, so I went in search of the album only to find an array of similarly stunning tracks, like the hauntingly “Thicker skin” intensified by the ebb of a beautifully played cello’

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FATEA R de B news item

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